Metal Surgery designs, manufactures and installs steel staircases for domestic and commercial projects. Finished to a high standard, in a variety of finishes.

Many people choose wood or stone to be used on treads and handrails. We are more than happy to work alongside carpenters and masons, and design in accordance with the specific material requirements, to ensure all components come together at the installation stage.

We ensure the staircase design is fully compliant to current regulations, tailored to the space available, and general requirements. We take pride in making sure the final product looks good, but is also a safe and secure structure.

Similarly to our structural projects, we require that the building and location are suitable for the purpose, and highly recommend having all structural design work completed by a qualified engineer prior to commencing work with us.

In some circumstances, additional structural support or adequate foundation for base fixings may be required.

If you need any advice or inspiration to help get your project started, our team will be more than happy to discuss the options with you.

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