Old Cathedral School Gate, Truro

We completed the Old Cathedral School Gate in September 2017, as part of an ongoing renovation project for a larger construction client.

Our brief for this project was to fabricate a new gate, in keeping with the old style of the building. And to design and fit railings that matched the gate, for the rest of the site.

We used our measurements of the site to design the product on Solidworks and to figure out any potential areas for error that could occur when fitting the gate. This was because the gate was to be fitted directly into the original stonework of the building.

Once happy with the Solidworks drawings, we could make the gate up to the specifications, and take it to the site to be fitted. Due to the nature of the building, and the stonework, we had thought that the gate would be tricky to fit, but our measurements were correct and so the gate fitted and worked with the already existing glass door.

We also had a series of railings to complete with this project, to fit throughout the site, which complemented the gate and the rest of the renovations completed by our client.

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